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    it's a wicked playlist, billy. :)

    i've got havana d'primera on a constant loop in my car's CD player; can't get enough of them!

    and la madrugada is one of my fave songs of the year. 2010 looks like it's gonna be pretty great, too. :)

    thanks for keeping us all in the loop!


    I'm surprised at what you say about Calle Real - Somos Familia *always* fills a dance floor here; and with a mix of people too - timberos and non-timberos alike. Mind you I think we have proven that what works for you there doesn't always work here, so the reverse must also be true ... The new songs I have played this year regularly would be:

    Lucha luchador
    Somos familia
    Padrino/Familia Cubana
    Resumen de los 90 (HdP)
    Un loco enamorao (Alain)
    Pa cualquiera (Salsa Mayor)
    Timba vieja/Lunes la semana completa (la tremenda)
    Gozando en la Habana (mixed results with that one, but I liked it, so I would always take a punt)

    from last year still filling the floor:
    Un poquito al reves (Pupy)
    Identidad (Azucar Negra)

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